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Pearson1860 Blog: Space House: The Cycle Frontier

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January 2023

Space House, the iconic Grade II-listed building we are sensitively refurbishing and extending has been featured in cycling brand Pearson 1860's blog on 'how the revamp of a central London landmark could change the nature of commuting.' 

“Space House was created as a futuristic vision based on the knowledge of the day,” Gledstone says. “The concept of using automotive transport to commute to a then state-of-the-art workspace was relatively new, yet it lay at the heart of the original design.” In fact, he points out, Space House has not one car ramp but three, which circulate the building much like the celebrated Lubetkin Penguin Pool at London Zoo. “The ramps [at Space House] created an extensive underground car-park world,” Gledstone says, “one that also had its own filling station, forecourt and cantilevered canopy. “In that sense,” Gledstone says, “travel was designed into the fabric of the building from the very beginning – we simply reinforced that vision.” 

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