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Hotel Designs: Grace Chihane on embracing residential style in hospitality design

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October 2023

Senior interior designer Grace Chihane was invited by Hotel Designs magazine to speak alongside a panel of industry experts to discuss how as designers we can embrace residential style in hospitality design. 

"When working on a project, it is very much narrative-led. There is a lot research that needs to take place on the context, its location and what the hotel stands for. We create authenticity and a stronger brand identity. Take Ruby Zoe, for example, which is located in Notting Hill, London. We looked at the local carnival, and the Caribbean island influence, which inspired the design of the vibrant public areas, knowing that the guestrooms had to follow strict guidelines." 

"When designing a space, we have to think about how a space can be adapted without extensively changing it. There are a lot of things we can do to make projects more timeless – focusing on long-lasting materials. We are investigating freestanding furniture and modular designs. We are looking at sustainability beyond looking at local materials. This is also where, in fabric design, starting with a neutral palette and adding accents comes in."

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