10x10 Drawing the City for Article25 2023

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April 2023

Squire & Partners has created artworks for Article 25′s 10x10 Drawing the City charity auction every year since its inception. Partner Tim Gledstone and our Modelshop and CGI teams designed and created Reflection 23 for the 2023 art auction in answer to the brief's 'Reflection' theme.

Reflection 23 knows no scale, it lives and breathes in a static captured sculptural form, but also as an NFT.
Its primal spherical form is generated from parametric hexagonal cells found throughout the DNA of nature but also at the heart of the new James Webb Telescope – its gold-plated mirrors capturing the universe over 13 billion lights years away.

3D printed from a plant-based resin, the sculpture is lacquered in 80% brass filings with gold leaf, and mounted on a base of stained sapele in a glass bell jar.

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