10x10 Drawing the City for Article25 2021

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October 2021

Squire & Partners has created artworks for Article 25′s 10x10 Drawing the City charity auction every year since its inception. Partner Tim Gledstone created CW8 CCW13 for the 2021 event in answer to the brief's 'Urban Outdoors' theme.

Inspired by the power of nature and the mathematics of the Fibonacci sequence, CW8 CCW13 presents the beauty of the intertwining spirals found in the humble pinecone, representing life, growth and evolution. Made up of 8 spirals in a clockwise direction and 13 spirals in a counterclockwise direction, the sculpture illustrates how nature is tied to the mathematics of the Fibonacci sequence and the golden section in all pinecones.

Created from vacuum plated 3D-printed resin, the golden pinecone sits inside a glass bell jar on a reclaimed sapele mahogany base etched with the diverging spirals.

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