10x10 Drawing the City for Article25 2020

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October 2020

Squire and Partners has created artworks for Article 25′s 10x10 Drawing the City charity auction every year since its inception. Partner Tim Gledstone created To Market To Market for the 2020 event inspired by his earliest memories of London street markets as places of visual and acoustic vibrancy. To Market To Market presents local London trades against the insatiable appetite of international consumers.

A single pure apple is seen being devoured by a leaping red bream, both purchased from a greengrocer and fishmonger at Brixton Village Market in South London. The digitally reproduced apple represents an English home grown staple, but also has connotations of temptation, greed and desire and is the instantly recognisable logo for one of the most commercially successful corporations in the world. The artwork depicts the tension between local and international market forces, and the unstoppable tide of consumer consumption.

The total raised during the 2020 event was a staggering £34,063, surpassing Article25's target of £30,000 - which will go towards designing and building homes, schools and hospitals for vulnerable people across the globe.

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