Richard Seifert, British Brutalist Architect: Space House

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September 2020

Partner Tim Gledstone was interviewed by author Dominic Bradbury about Space House, which the practice is sensitively refurbishing for client Seaforth Land. The book - entitled 'Richard Seifert, British Brutalist Architect' - is the first devoted to the extensive and original portfolio of the Brutalist architect.

On Space House, Tim commented: "Space House can't be vanilla-ed and that is a joy as an architect. What's so great about it is the absolute rigour that ripples through the building with the light, shade and depth that comes from its sculptural quality. Although it's in the Brutalist camp it is a very sculptural Brutalism, which is much more charming and intimate because care was put into the smaller details. There is a kind of new appreciation of Brutalism and mid-century modern, with people realising that these assets are disappearing and that the good buildings should be kept."

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