Brook House

Location London W1

Status Completed 1998


Brook House is one of the most prestigious residential developments in London, containing sixteen luxury apartments with single penthouses occupying the upper floors, and commercial space at ground level. The building is a decisively modern, but appropriately contextual, addition to the eclectic streetscape of Park Lane, where surviving 19th century houses contrast with large-scale hotel, residential and commercial developments constructed from the 1930s onwards.


Squire and Partners’ design respects the Conservation Area setting whilst projecting a strongly articulated façade towards Hyde Park. Facing Park Lane the predominant material is self-supporting brick, which sits on a two-storey stone base punctuated by projecting bays which mark the principal internal spaces. On the flank elevations, a contemporary crafted stone plane steps down to relate to the scale of neighbouring houses. Glazed penthouse pavilions offer magnificent views of Hyde Park, but also serve to enliven the skyline.


Client Brook House Developments Ltd

Quantity Surveyor Gibb Ltd

Structure Gibb Ltd

Services Gibb Ltd

Contractor Higgs and Hill Southern