Zubabox, Bogota

Location Bogota, Columbia

Status Completed, 2016


Squire and Partners was approached by Computer Aid to design a prototype Solar Learning Lab – nicknamed the Zubabox –  as an improvement on their existing series of mobile units providing internet connectivity to remote communities without access to mains electricity.  The Zubabox exists to provide a safe environment where local young people can develop social and digital skills.


The basic unit is constructed from a recycled shipping container with solar panels on the roof, and utilises donated refurbished computers.  Squire and Partners was asked to design a more cost efficient, practical and enjoyable environment for the users.


Our final design presented a simple modular system which can operate individually or as part of a group.  Maximising the possible amount of openings increases cross ventilation and natural light, and creates a shaded external deck which expands the usable area and facilitates integration with the existing community.  A larger roof size additionally allows for an increased number of solar panels.


Locally converted and fitted out, including bespoke timber seating and desks, the Zubabox also featured a graffiti mural by two local artists. Donated recycled oil drums were planted with native trees and flowers to create a vibrant landscaped area.


Design Squire and Partners

Charity Partner Computer Aid

Charity Recipient Tiempo de Juego

Computer Partner Dell Giving

Lighting Atrium

Services Hoare Lea

Structure AKTII

Container Conversion All Plast

Local Furniture Fabricator Saint George

Graffiti Artist Delix, Zhed 1