Wind Shelter

Location Blackpool

Status Designed 2004


The seafront at Blackpool has always been challenged by its exposure to wind and weather.  Consequently, in 2002, a competition was held to design a series of wind shelters along the seafront.  This entry recognised that the wind shelters needed to adapt swiftly to fluctuating weather patterns, but should also create a series of landmark features along the seashore, where their form would stand up starkly against the horizon line.


The wind shelter’s design was based on a circular deck supporting vertical ‘blades’ – sculptural wind breaks with an individual seat set on a pivoting base.  The blades either address or protect from the elements.


All three could be positioned so that people could hide in the lee of the wind, or set to provide optimum protection in a gusting wind by rotating like windmills to constantly shield the seat.  Finally, on a hot summer day, the blades could be set to face outwards, allowing their occupants to enjoy the view and catch the breeze.


Client RIBA Competitions

Structure Arup