Rastro de Luz

Location Madrid, Spain

Status Designed 2007


This competition entry provides an exhibition centre at the base of four new landmark office towers in Madrid.  The concept takes inspiration from traditional Spanish agriculture and the flat Castilian landscape – the idea of light and space being created through furrows and incisions in the ground.  The ground level is conceived as a landscaped park for the city of Madrid.


A slice through the centre of the plan forms the main entrance, descending into the ground like a tree root, giving an impression of sinking and enclosure.  Once underground, the spaces become more formal, pronounced by dramatic light shafts from above.  The principal route travels through a central atrium via a bridge connecting to the public areas.


Auditoria and exhibition spaces are located on lower floors, accessed along two narrow routes running perpendicular to the main axis.  Light is used to orientate people around the building, controlled via one storey high louvres capable of moderating or cutting out daylight.


Client Oficina de Concursos de Arquitectura de Madrid