10×10 Stratford for Article 25

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Partner Tim Gledstone created The Twelve Billion Dollar Cow for Article 25′s 10×10 Stratford exhibition and charity auction, in October 2017. Funds raised support Article 25′s mission to help improve the future for some of the most vulnerable communities across many continents, often in the aftermath of disasters, through building excellent, resilient infrastructure and space for health, education and fulfilling livelihoods.

Tim Gledstone has a passion for exploring traditional crafted mediums alongside innovative digital and technological processes. His 10×10 square contained The White Space, an art project at the White Post Bridge intersection of the Lea Valley canal, Hackney Wick and the Olympic Park. Originally an area where cows were left to pasture, the site has been defined by greyhound racing, the 2012 Olympics and subsequent legacy projects. The Twelve Billion Dollar Cow embodies acceleration through time – the cow’s faceted body propelled to its physical limits, above a rugged base to reference the site’s origins.